Friday, September 20, 2013

Community Voice Mail Summit is now Community Voice Summit

We wanted to let you know two exciting items. First, we have renamed our program from Community Voice Mail Summit to Community Voice Summit since we now offer an expanded resource service via email, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to our Community Voice Mail program. Our new email service is called The Resource Wire.  The email messages you’ll get from us after today will look nicer, and you can invite others to sign up for this list, even if they don’t need Community Voice Mail.  You can also unsubscribe from the list yourself whenever you no longer need or want the email resources.

We don’t send advertising, and we’ll never share your email address with anyone.  And, you’ll still get our voicemail messages no matter what.  

You will immediately begin getting the new messages from us next time we post. Each message will give you the opportunity to “unsubscribe” if you no longer want to receive emailed resources from us. But, if you don’t get the new email we are talking about, or any resources from us within a week, please check your spam or “junk” folder. You may have to make sure your email system recognizes this new email address as a safe sender and is not marked as spam.  

We look forward to continue connecting you with resources and information that we hope you find useful.

Your Friends at Community Voice Summit (formerly Community Voice Mail Summit or CVM Summit) and Info Line

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