Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Save Money This Holiday Season


1. Set your shopping list and budget now
Make a list and determine how much you can afford to spend on each person

2. Manage gift-giving expectations 
Consider giving baked goods or draw names for a gift exchange

3. Start Saving Now 
Create a holiday fund and see if there are expensive habits such as buying lunch out each day that you can curb and put into your holiday fund instead

4. Plan to use credit wisely 
Choose the lowest interest or select a card with cash back rewards or perks

5. Make your handmade/DIY gifts now 
Avoid stress close to the holidays and start creating those gifts now

6. Give your time instead 
Make a booklet of handmade coupons offering a night off from watching the kids, a weekend of doing chores, a 30 minute foot massage etc

7. Consider Gift Cards 
This can help you stay within your budget and lets others choose exactly the gift they want

8. Shop - or Research - Online 
Look for deals - Sites like let you easily compare prices

9. Book travel early
Tickets get more expensive closer to holiday dates

10. Decorate on a dime
Use last year's decorations, make handmade items or check out your local thrift store

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