Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Important message for CVM Summit clients


Upcoming System Upgrade
Inbox Messages will be deleted

This message has been broadcasted to all CVM Summit mailbox owners.

In the coming weeks, Springwire will be going through an upgrade of our Community Voice Mail system.

While this upgrade will be good for the system, it will unfortunately cause any messages in your inbox, or that you have saved, to go away.

This upgrade is scheduled to happen on July 29th. 
Until this time it is business as usual, nothing will change. 

However: from now until then, it is a really good idea to check your messages often and write down any important messages that you need to keep, up until that date. Once the upgrade happens, the system will begin saving your messages again for up to 90 days like always. 

We will be sending out additional announcements with the actual date as it gets closer, so stay tuned for any updates.   

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the CVM Summit Manager at 
(330) 315-1385.

Thanks!  Have a great day and remember to check your voice mail often.

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