Monday, August 2, 2010

New Website for Unemployed Ohioans

As you know, approximately 150,000 Ohioans have exhausted their unemployment benefits since the start of summer. In an effort to reach out to those former unemployment recipients, and help them learn about all the services that may be available to them, I am pleased to announce a new Web site: Ohio Here to Help, or

Ohio Here to Help is a one-stop source of information for Ohio’s unemployed workers and their families, and is unique in that it can quickly connect visitors to a wide range of information and resources - from both public and private entities - that can help them search for a job, find education and training opportunities, and learn about other supports that can help them get through this difficult time.

Ohio Here to Help provides direct links to job openings via Ohio Means Jobs, as well as to training and education resources via the State of Ohio Library. It also provides information on such topics as money, food assistance, health care, housing, transportation, child care, veterans’ services, legal services, clothing assistance, youth employment and much more.

The site is divided into the following primary sections:

• “I Need Assistance With…” provides helpful links to information about money, food, health care, housing, transportation, child care, veterans’ services, education and training, and more. The Money section includes information about credit counseling, financial management and related topics. The Housing section has information on foreclosure prevention, housing vouchers and energy assistance. The Food section includes links to online coupons and food assistance forms, as well as information on supplemental food assistance and child summer food programs. The Health Care Section has information on dental care, prescription drugs, youth health, Medicaid and other topics.

• “Stay Connected with Us!” allows visitors to register their names and e-mail addresses to receive notifications about upcoming events or other helpful resources related to their location or interest.

• “Free Download” allows visitors to print a “Back on Track Checklist,” which is an easy way to make sure they’re getting all the assistance they need from all the resources mentioned on It also contains many of the applications and forms mentioned on the site, so they can get a better idea of whether they might be eligible for various programs. In some cases, they can complete the paperwork prior to their visit to an office for assistance.

• “Job Search” allows visitors to search more than 100,000 job openings in and near Ohio - by job title, industry, company or location - through a direct connection to Ohio Means Jobs (

• “Skill Building” offers opportunities for visitors to acquire new skills via the "Learning Express" from the State Library of Ohio. The "Learning Express" offers practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses and other useful information. Visitors are required to register to gain access to this site. Once registered, they can use the tools available at no charge on an unlimited basis.

• “Youth” features job-search advice tailored specifically to teens.

• “Video” allows visitors to view videos on a variety of topics, including child care, foreclosure assistance and individual industries.

• “The Good News on Ohio Jobs” features current and archived news stories about Ohio’s economy, people and businesses, provided by

I hope you will visit It is our hope that this tool will help alleviate the difficulties faced by Ohio’s unemployed workers, by steering them to resources that can help them support their families until they are able to find new employment.

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