Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project Homeless Connect

Two dozen agencies are helping to aid the homeless in Summit County.

Many people may not realize that homelessness is not just a "big city" problem. There are 800-1,200 homeless people in Summit County.

Tuesday was a day that agencies truly worked together - connecting - to help the homeless obtain the resources they need and ultimately help them support themselves and find a place to live.

Organizers told AkronNewsNow's Tina Kaufmann that the rainy weather may have kept some folks from making their way, many on foot, to the The Chapel where everything was set up. However, plenty of groups of homeless people had made their way to the church with two hours or more to spare.

Once there, they got help with housing, food, clothing, setting up voice mail, food stamps, haircuts, medical treatment, dental and vision appointments and more.

Many of the people who came to take advantage of the needed resources available for Project Homeless Connect left with hope said they felt "uplifted" to know people really do care.

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