Monday, October 19, 2009

Winter Crisis Program Information


• Walk-in appointments are for households whose gas or electric is
currently OFF, those with less than a 10-day supply of bulk fuel,
and customers transferring utility service. Accounts will be verified
for OFF status through utility websites prior to assignment of appointments.

• If your utility is NOT off, you will not be seen.

• If your utility is NOT off, you are required to make an appointment by
calling the HEAP appointment line at:


In order to receive HEAP assistance there is required documentation that
must be presented at the time of your appointment. This information is listed
on the back of this sheet. Please note: If you are missing any of the
required documentation at the time of your appointment, you will not be
seen and will have to reschedule your appointment through
the appointment line.

HEAP Documentation Requirements
• Documentation of Income for the past 3 months
Sources include, but are not limited to:
a) Wages – (all pay stubs for everyone in the household for the previous 13-weeks,
a simple year-to-date stub is not sufficient)

b) Self-employment wages

c) Pension and retirement (current pension or retirement paystub)

d) All current Social Security payments (letter or bank statement showing
monthly amounts received)

e) Child Support – (child support statements or bank statements showing previous

f) Spousal Support/Alimony – (bank statements or court records)

g) TANF – (bring in cash issuance statement showing monthly amount for past
3 months with case number)

h) Utility allowances (check stubs for past 3 months or current recertification letter)

i) Unemployment Compensation (letter of determination,13 weeks of check stubs
or printout of last 13 weeks of disbursements)

j) Worker’s Compensation (letter of determination, 13 weeks of check stubs or
printout of last 13 weeks of disbursements)

• Social Security Numbers & Birth Dates for everyone in the household and
proof of US citizenship

• If renting, your landlord’s name, address, phone number and monthly
rent amount

• Utility Bills
a) If you pay gas and electric, you must bring BOTH utility bills even if you are
only receiving assistance with one.

b) If utility services are OFF, need to be TRANSFERRED or a NEW ACCOUNT is
being established, please contact your utility company for new account numbers.

Akron Summit Community Action, Inc requires a Picture ID for all services rendered

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